Project Atlas: The New Plan to Integrate BitTorrent Into TRON’s Blockchain


Just months after TRON (TRX), a blockchain platform building a decentralized internet, completed the acquisition of BitTorrent, a file-sharing communications protocol based on a peer-to-peer network, new plans have been revealed to bridge the technologies.

Dubbed “Project Atlas,” the new project will connect¬†BitTorrent’s peer-to-peer network and its 100 million monthly active users to the TRON blockchain. Included in Project Atlas are BitTorrent¬†protocol extensions, a custom token built on the TRON blockchain and an in-client token economy.

As part of the first phase of Project Atlas, BitTorrent will adopt the new token to incentivize users on faster networks to seed torrents for longer periods, which will work to improve content download speeds. Through this new system, BitTorrent seeders will earn more rewards for dedicating more of their bandwidth.

“Project Atlas is the foundation for a new way of content distribution. To start, the product will feature faster downloads, more seeds, no mining, and backward compatibility. It is adapted to the world we live in today: mobile, connected, and transparent,” said¬†Justin Sun, founder and CEO of TRON. “We aim to eventually empower all content creators and their communities by eliminating the middleman and enabling content creators to distribute directly to users.”

According to the announcement, BitTorrent plans on implementing the new features as a set of backward-compatible protocol extensions, which will eventually be available across its desktop and mobile products.

TRX currently has a $1.45 billion market cap, making it the 12th largest cryptocurrency in the AltDex 100 Index (ALT100).

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