Polyient Games Provides Details on Its Upcoming NFT Marketplace and Founder’s Key Sale

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Polyient Games, the first investment firm dedicated to the non-fungible token (NFT) market, recently revealed some of the details about its upcoming NFT marketplace and Founder’s Key token sale.

According to the recent announcement, the startup will be kicking off the sale of Polyient Games Founder’s Keys (PGFKs), an ERC-721 NFT that provides lifetime rewards and perks to holders, on August 4.

There will be 12,500 PGFKs available in the sale out of a total supply of 20,000. The price per PGFK will be pegged 1-to-1 with the price of Ether (ETH).

PGFKs will provide holders with various benefits like discounts on NFT transaction fees, opportunities to receive NFT airdrops and loot boxes and early access to various products including the upcoming Polyient Games Marketplace.

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“The Polyient Games Marketplace will become one of the major pillars of the PG Ecosystem. When designing the Marketplace, we set out to create an NFT exchange experience unlike any that is currently available on the market,” writes the Polyient team. “The Marketplace will feature unique offerings ranging from exclusive NFT auctions and a peer-to-peer NFT exchange system to more liquid NFT trading products that are designed for crypto investor mass adoption.”

PGFKs are designed to be “stacked,” allowing users to increase their rewards based on how many tokens are held. This advantage carries over to the planned chance-based events, like NFT giveaways, which will be held at random in the Polyient Games Ecosystem.

To further incentivize participation in the upcoming PGFK sale, Polyient Game has also introduced PGFK Participles (XPGP), a unique ERC-20 token that represents a 1:1000 fraction of a full PGFK. XPGP will be available for trading through a decentralized swap protocol in the Polyient Games Marketplace.

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“Trading will be like any other liquid ERC-20 token, but once a user collects 1000 Particles, they will have the option to mint a full PGFK that provides all of the normal rewards rights,” explains Polyient.

Notably, PGFK holders will be able to split their assets to add to the XPGP pool, providing liquidity to the market in return for a portion of the transaction fee rewards.

The Polyient Games Ecosystem has already seen some notable adoption from industry leaders like ChainLink (LINK) and several major blockchain games including Axie Infinity and The Sandbox.

NFT and DeFi enthusiasts interested in PGFKs can join the official Discord and preregister to secure their place in line.

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Disclaimer: SludgeFeed’s co-founder, Craig Russo, is the Director of Innovation at Polyient Labs and is directly leading the development of Polyient Games. This article is for informational purposes only and should not be taken as investment advice. Always conduct your own due diligence before making investments.

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