Blockade Games’ Plasma Bears Will Soon Go Live on Loom Network


Blockade Games, the startup behind Neon District, an upcoming blockchain-based, multiplayer cyberpunk RPG, revealed that its new R&D game Plasma Bears will soon go live on Loom Network (LOOM), a blockchain ecosystem for games and social apps.

While there is little known about Plasma Bears at this time, it looks like it will closely mirror CryptoKitties, the popular Ethereum-based collectibles game, where players earn and collect characters represented by non-fungible tokens.

Given that Plasma Bears is built for Loom Network, these collectibles will be represented by ERC-721¬†NFTs and are recorded on the¬†Ethereum Network via the Loom DAppchain. Early adopters who sign up now will receive a unique snowflake that holds the key to an ETH prize, according to the game’s website.

Blockade Games recently raised an $833,000 seed equity round from investors including BlockTower Capital Partners and Horizon Digital. Neon District’s public beta is currently scheduled for May of next year.

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