VeChain-Based Plair (PLA) Launches Gaming Platform Alpha

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Plair (PLA), a decentralized gaming platform built on the VeChain (VET) blockchain, recently announced that the alpha version of its platform has officially launched.

According to Plair, more than 1,200 alpha testers will split a pool of 250 million PLA tokens based on the value of tester feedback and bug reports.

As we previously reported, Plair plans to combine the features found on established gaming platforms, including Discord, Twitch and Steam. The platform, which is scheduled to launch in March of next year, will allow users to host and join esports tournaments, create and share content, interact with other community members and build decentralized gaming applications on top of the blockchain ecosystem.

In terms of esports, Plair has stated that it will support 1v1 and team-based tournaments for popular games including League of Legends,¬†Dota 2,¬†CounterStrike: Global Offensive,¬†Player Unknown’s Battleground, and¬†Fortnite.

PLA’s $3.74 million market cap makes it the 12th-largest constituent in the newly launched AltDex Gaming Index¬†(ALTGME), which focuses on cryptocurrencies and tokens directly related to blockchain gaming.

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