CEO Arthur Madrid Lays Out The Sandbox’s Vision for Its Metaverse

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The upcoming decentralized virtual game world, The Sandbox, appears primed to become one of the leaders in the blockchain gaming space in 2020.

As part of the leadup to The Sandbox’s full launch this year, The Sandbox’s CEO, Arthur Madrid, has published a blog post detailing the company’s vision for the metaverse and how players will engage with the ecosystem and each other.

According to Madrid, the following areas are key to the ecosystem’s growth:

  • True ownership and value for the players and their creations.
  • The ability to create content with a consistent aesthetic and interoperability.
  • An environment that facilitates collaboration and working socially.
Details on the Sandbox Metavese
The Sandbox metaverse (The Sandbox)

“I foresee the possibility of The Sandbox becoming one of the first metaverses with a complete timeline and history, with everything driven by player actions — just as human history is driven by the actions of people,” writes Madrid. “We expect many events originating from the players such as the one I described above to be the foundation of the metaverse. There will be no externally imposed narrative; everything will emerge from the use of the platform and how those events shape its history.”

The idea of a community-driven collective ecosystem and narrative is already beginning to take shape. The game completed the first round of its LAND presale in December, selling 2.5% of the map (3,096 LANDS) in an impressive 4 hours. Over the course of the multi-round presale, a total of 123,840 LANDS will be sold, which represents 74% of the total metaverse.

(The Sandbox)

Third-party games also have their place in the metaverse, with multiple games already laying claim to ESTATES (linked parcels of LAND) on the map. These ESTATES can be built out using voxel ASSETS to create unique experiences. For example, Sky Mavis, the company behind the popular Ethereum-based collectibles game Axie Infinity, has partnered with The Sandbox to create an Axie-themed racing game.

According to the announcement, the game will be created using voxel art and be located at the Axie Infinity ESTATE in the middle of The Sandbox’s LAND map. The team plans to release the minigame in the next few months.

(The Sandbox)

The Sandbox plans to launch the beta version of its Game Maker, which will allow LAND holders to begin building unique experiences with ASSETS on their piece of the metaverse, in the first quarter of the year.

“Someday, we may look back at the players and creators in The Sandbox as marking a technology milestone by fully putting a new philosophy of decentralized, player-driven activity into practice,” added Madrid.

1-11-20 update: Corrected Arthur Madrid’s role to The Sandbox CEO.

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