pixEOS Launches Paint, a Multiplayer Pixel Art Game Built on EOS (EOS)

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pixEOS launched the beta version of pixEOS Paint this week, a game that will be very familiar to anyone who remembers r/place, except, this pixel art strategy game is built on the EOS (EOS) blockchain.

According to the official announcement, pixEOS Paint is a collaborative pixel art game built on EOS that allows thousands of people to paint on the same canvas at the same time. In order to participate, users must link to an EOS wallet as each pixel in the 1 million-pixel canvas has a starting cost of 0.05 EOS ($0.13) that increases in value by 1.35x with each repaint.

As users paint pixels with EOS, they receive pixEOS in return. These pixEOS rewards are halved with each minting stage, which is driven by the activity in the game. Users can then stake their pixEOS to earn additional pixEOS and EOS. When another user paints over your pixels, you receive 100% of your EOS back and 75% of the profit.

[su_document url=”http://pixeos.io/pdf/pixEOS%20Paint%20Tutorial.pdf” width=”660″ height=”760″]

According to the whitepaper, pixEOS Paint is just the first step in a larger effort to develop a smart-economy platform that allows artists to better commercialize their content.

pixEOS Project is designed to be a sustainable smart-economy and there are many ways to earn pixEOS and EOS tokens, be it having fun drawing on pixEOS Paint, playing other games, contributing to the platform and supporting the EOS artists through the pixEOS Gallery and pixEOS Art House, where artists can publish their art and get commission requests for visual arts and creative media services.

pixEOS was recently added to DappRadar and has been steadily working its way up the charts. While still in the hundreds, the user growth in the first three days has been fairly encouraging.

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Play: pixEOS Paint

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