Partnership Rumors Swirl After Twitter Visits Tron Offices

Justin Sun meeting with two Twitter employees at the TRON offices (2018) (TRON / Twitter)

Partnerships rumors are swirling after a Tweet by Tron (TRX) CEO Justin Sun revealed that employees of Twitter (TWTR) visited the Tron offices this week, fueling speculation that the tech giant could be working with Tron on one of its “secret projects.”

While speaking at a live stream event to commemorate the launch of Tron’s Independence Day, the day the project migrated to its mainnet, Sun made reference to the July 30 launch of one of its “secret projects.”

The next very important milestone is July 30th- we will deliver our official virtual machine. All the decentralized exchanges and applications on the Tron platform are plugged into the Tron ecosystem. July 30th we will launch one of our secret projects.

While there is no indication at this time that Twitter’s visit to the Tron offices is at all related to the project, it is interesting to note that Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey is a big¬†digital currency proponent. So much so that his other company,¬†Square¬†(SQ), recently received a ‘BitLicense’ from New York state for cryptocurrency transactions on its peer-to-peer money transfer app,¬†Square¬†Cash.

Just last week, Cardano (ADA) and Tron partnership rumors were circulating after Cardano CEO Charles Hoskinson tweeted seemingly unsolicited advice to Sun, telling him to switch from Ethereum Java to the Mantis command line client, which was developed by IOHK, the team behind the Cardano protocol.

Since that time, Hoskinson has taken to Twitter to quash these rumors, stating that he simply gave Sun a recommendation, nothing more.

However, one collaboration has recently materialized. Just last month Pornhub, the largest porn site on the internet, reportedly added two major cryptocurrencies to its list of accepted payment options, including Tron.

The most recent rumors have not done much in terms of influencing of market price. Tron’s TRX has been in a steady downtrend over the last month, dropping from $0.0463 to $0.0332. Tron currently holds a $2.19 billion market cap.


Twitter and Tron have not made any official statements relating to the nature of the visit at this time.

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