Pac-Man Arrives on the NEM (XEM) Blockchain


The arcade classic Pac-Man has finally arrived on the blockchain thanks to NEM (XEM), a cryptocurrency project building a network designed for better-performing smart assets.

The game, cleverly titled PacNEM, is a free and open-source Node.js autonomous browser game using the NEM Blockchain to authenticate players, store game credits and keep track of the all-time score leaderboard.

“This game will reflect how easy it is to use NEM in your applications or games business layers and will emphasize the easy Setup for sponsoring and advertising Software in the Gaming industry using the NEM Blockchain as well as Instant Payments,” reads the PacNEM introduction.

To get started, players only need to enter a username and XEM address to be charged a nominal amount in a pay-per-play format, similar to what was commonly done with quarters at the arcades of old.

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