Opera Releases Browser Update With Ethereum Wallet and Web 3.0 Compatibility

Opera’s built-in crypto wallet (Opera)

Opera (OPRA), a browser built on the Blink engine and growing competitor of Google Chrome, announced Tuesday that it has launched a major update for its PC browser.

Called Reborn 3, the new update brings a complete platform redesign, dark and light mode, Web 3.0 compatibility and an Ethereum-based (ETH) crypto wallet — in addition to built-in VPN and ad blocker support.

Notably, the Web 3.0 explorer feature in Opera lets users access decentralized applications (dapps) on the Ethereum blockchain. Opera previously launched a Web 3.0-ready browser for Android.

Opera’s built-in crypto wallet (Opera)

“The Crypto Wallet, which lets you store cryptocurrency but also tokens and collectibles in the Opera computer browser syncs with the Crypto Wallet in the Opera browser for Android,” reads the announcement. “This means wallet keys never leave your smartphone. In practice, whenever you need to identify yourself to a Web 3 website or sign a transaction on the blockchain, you will get a notification on their smartphone. You’ll be able to confirm it in the same way you unlock your system, using, for example, facial recognition or a fingerprint.”

This news comes several months after Opera partnered with Ledger Capital, a blockchain and cryptocurrency research and investment firm, to explore the development of dapps for the Opera browser platform.

At that time, Ding’An Fei, managing partner at Ledger Capital said, “Opera has already taken the lead among the major browsers, with the integration of the innovative crypto wallet and investments from other leading crypto companies like Bitmain. We are looking forward to exploring the next steps in how Opera will leverage its massive ecosystem and technical competencies to create exponential value for its user base and the greater blockchain space.”

Users can download Opera for Windows, macOS and Linux.

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