Omega One Launches the First Regulated Crypto Market Dark Pool

Omega Dark platform screenshot (Omega One)

Omega One, which is developing an off-exchange venue in digital assets and capital market infrastructure, has launched Omega Dark, the first regulated dark pool for digital assets.

According to a recent press release, Omega Dark is the first company to be granted a provisional Digital Asset Exchange License in Bermuda under the country’s new Digital Asset Business Act.

“Dark pools matter so much for crypto because they act as a central warehouse for liquidity, and connect the broad array of fragmented exchanges and OTC desks across the globe into a single hub. In turn, Omega Dark allows participants to cheaply and discreetly balance liquidity against each other and against market makers and hedge funds, creating a win-win for everyone,” said CEO Alex Gordon-Brander. “We believe our platform brings dark pools into the light by leveraging the blockchain to prevent unfair activity and market manipulation. We’re very proud to have worked so closely with the Bermuda Monetary Authority — the first in our multi-jurisdiction regulatory strategy — to create a trading venue that can make the global crypto markets safe and efficient for everyone.”

Omega Dark platform screenshot (Omega One)

Bart Chilton, the former Commissioner of the CFTC, is a member of the Omega management team. In the announcement, Chilton added, “When I was a CFTC Commissioner, one of our primary concerns was ensuring a fair marketplace for all participants. Omega One has achieved this standard by offering transparent pricing of liquidity preference within a robust regulatory regime. This platform will give greater confidence to the markets, leading to more liquidity, less volatility, and better price discovery.”

Omega Dark is currently accepting clients for its early access program, which includes liquidity providers, hedge funds, trading desks, execution platforms, exchanges and market makers. The minimum monthly trading volume is set at $10 million, starting with the BTC/USD spot market.

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