Odyssey (OCN) Crashes Following OCP Airdrop Announcement


Odyssey, a peer-to-peer marketplace exchange ecosystem built on the blockchain, recently announced the development of a new blockchain, the OCN Chain, and its official payment token OCP. In the latest announcement, Odyssey also outlined plans for a 1:1 airdrop of OCP to current OCN holders.

With the OCN Chain, Odyssey plans to build out a new infrastructure that works to connect blockchain networks, services, and businesses seamlessly through its payment and asset management platform, OCPay. Additionally, Odyssey is introducing OCP as the official payment token for this new infrastructure, providing a unit of value transfer for user registration, transaction fees, and other OCN chain services (the proposed OCN/OCP system is drawing comparisons to NEO/GAS).

To initially distribute the new OCP token, Odyssey is planning a 1:1 airdrop to OCN holders. While this often works to kickstart a run-up in the original token,¬†Odyssey’s OCN has crashed nearly 40% since the announcement.


Odyssey has a fairly significant community following, with many on social media adamantly claiming that the project will eventually reach ‘Top-20 coin’ status this year. Others see the project as nothing more than a crypto-influencer-shilled trading vehicle.

Regardless, the market reacted negatively after Odyssey announced their airdrop plan, although it’s impossible to say whether this was caused by dissatisfaction with the proposed airdrop, the fact it’s not happening until November, or simply a sell-the-news type situation.

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