Fortnite Sensation Ninja Now Has Over 20 Million YouTube Subs

Ninja’s streaming room via YouTube

If there were ever a barometer for the popularity of video game streaming, it would be the social following around the world’s most popular streamer: Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins.

Ninja’s following has just reached a major milestone as his¬†YouTube account, where he commonly posts highlights from Fortnite, has officially surpassed 20 million subscribers.

To give a sense as to just how big of an accomplishment this level of subscribers really is, Ninja is now ranked 64th overall in the world. He is right below both pop sensation Selena Gomez and Fandango’s highly-popular Movieclips channel and is beating out Sony Music India and Shakira’s main channel.

YouTube’s Most Subscribed List

Ninja’s popularity isn’t limited to YouTube, as he currently is the most followed account on Twitch with over 12 million users, and a whopping 3.6 million followers on Twitter.

This level of access is notable, as the emergence of online streaming and esports has driven many marketers to re-think tactics to sell products. These streamer collaborations, while effective, bring added considerations regarding ethical sales practices as a good number of stream watchers are under 18.

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