Ninja and iKon Team up for Samsung Live Stream Fortnite Event

via Ninja / YouTube

Worlds are colliding this evening as Super League Gaming (SLGG), a Santa Monica-based esports platform, has teamed up with Samsung to host a live-streaming event featuring Tyler “Ninja” Blevins and K-pop sensation iKON.

According to a press release shared with us, the event will take place at Samsung 837 in New York City, with a special reveal of the game at 6:00 PM (ET) exclusively on SuperLeagueTV, which is also the only channel where fans can watch Ninja and iKON compete.

Super League collaborated with Samsung to design the competitive format that includes Qualifiers and a Finals round, where top players can team up with Ninja and iKON band members to battle in a unique game type. Super League notes that there will be a live leaderboard available as an extension of its tech platform.

“We’re grateful to have the opportunity to work with Samsung to deliver an exciting competition in an amazing venue and to make it possible for fans around the world to enjoy the action on SuperLeagueTV,” said Super League Gaming CCO Matt Edelman.

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