Nielsen Releases Esports Industry Playbook to Help Brands Navigate the Space


Global data and analytics company Nielsen has released a comprehensive guide for brands exploring sponsorship or advertising in the esports industry.

Global esports ecosystem (Nielsen)

According to a press release shared with us, the Nielsen Esports Playbook includes a litany of data metrics and case studies detailing how major brands are currently engaging the industry’s young fan base.

Intriguingly, Nielsen reports that there has been a 13% growth in the share of non-gaming related (restaurants, automobiles, financial services, insurance, etc.) brand sponsorship involvement year-over-year. However, 61% of sponsorship dollars are still derived from brand categories related to video games.

“The opportunities for brands to engage with young audiences through traditional channels are shrinking while digital entertainment choices for consumers are growing faster and at a larger scale that at any point in our history,” said Mike Sepso, the co-founder of Major League Gaming and Chairman of Electronic Sports Group. “Esports is a convergence of the authenticity and fandom of traditional sports with the global reach and engagement of gaming. Major blue chip brands are now transitioning traditional budgets to esports and proactively helping to shape the future, brands that are not jumping in now are relegated to reacting and missing out on opportunities.”

This news comes a few months after Nielsen conducted a study on esports fan attitudes and behaviors in the U.S. that leveraged insights from Twitch. The report revealed that a whopping 60% of Twitch esports viewers have been following esports for 4 or more years. This is compared to the general U.S. esports fanbase, where only 20% of viewers have been following esports that long. Additionally, 23% of all esports viewers across the U.S. have started watching within the past year.

Those interested in reviewing the full report can do so directly on Nielsen’s website.

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