Next Week’s Episode of ‘Silicon Valley’ Will Feature “Pied Piper Coin”


HBO’s Silicon Valley, now in its 5th season, is well-known for actively parodying the latest trends in tech while expertly commenting on the culture of the industry.¬†This trend will look to continue with next week’s episode titled, “Initial Coin Offering,” where now the main characters look for alternative means of funding in the form a token sale. And who else to advise them other than show favorite, Russ Hanneman.

Here’s a snippet from the upcoming episode’s promo:

Richard: You did 36 ICOs, did it work?

Russ: It’s not always about money. Sometime’s it’s about wisdom.

Gilfoyle: So you lost it all?

This season has already made a few references to the world of cryptocurrencies when in episode 5, Gilfoyle set up a jarringly loud price alert system to tell him when to remote-toggle his bitcoin mining rig. Episode 7 will undoubtedly bring new life and comedic direction for the critically acclaimed show.

You can watch Silicon Valley Sundays at 10 PM on HBO or stream it via HBO GO.

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