Netflix to Expand Interactive Narrative Streaming

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Netflix recently entered into a deal to bring a broader set of interactive narrative games to their streaming service. According to a breaking report by TechRadar, a pilot program is set to begin with Telltale’s Minecraft: Story Mode.

Sources familiar with the matter share that these narratives made available for streaming will initially be dialogue-driven, meaning that gamers will advance through the storyline by selecting options proposed via text.

[Netflix’s version of Minecraft: Story Mode] will play similarly to titles like Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile, which let younger viewers choose how the story unfolds.

The partnership with Telltale is considered a logical step, given that the company’s games usually only require the player to select from dialogue options or move with the aid of a cursor to a specific on-screen location. Additionally, according to an interview with PCGamer, Telltale has been interested in collaborating with the streaming service for some time.

When TechRadar asked how the Netflix service will function, their sources pointed to the Amazon Fire TV platform, which stands as an ecosystem that allows users to play various game series, including The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead, and Minecraft: Story Mode. The service merely requires players to use their remote as a game controller, leading to the initial speculation that additional hardware won’t be necessary to play the select series coming to Netflix.

Some minor gameplay changes will need to occur in order for the games to perform on the platform as intended, according to the source. In order to cope with the limitations of playing with remote control buttons, characters will need to be set on pre-determined paths, for instance.

The source has stated that playable demos have been in existence for nearly a year, meaning that the announcement of a partnership may occur any day. The original TechRadar report included theories about a potential game based on Netflix series Strange Things arriving, but according to the latest updates of said article, Netflix sources have reportedly debunked that particular rumor.

Update: A Netflix spokesperson has confirmed Minecraft: Story Mode is coming this fall as a licensed 5-episode interactive narrative series. The spokesperson also emphasized that Netflix does not have any plans to get into gaming beyond narrative streaming.

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