Neon District Announces Its First Crossover NFT Spanning 3 Blockchain Games

Prototype for the Radiant Blade hologram on the Neon District-themed Goliath (Light Trail Rush)

Earlier this week, Battle Racers, a new arcade-style racing game in the Decentraland metaverse, and upcoming cyberpunk RPG Neon District unveiled their first collaboration for a shared NFT that bridges the two blockchain games.

Now things are being taken up a notch as Neon District has announced the Radiant Blade will not only exist in Battle Racers but also Light Trail Rush, an arcade-style hybrid of a vehicular brawler and free-flow 3D space flight.

Neon District in Battle Racers
Radiant Blade colors and rarities (Neon District)

According to the announcement, the swords are available via Loot Box on OpenSea for 0.17 ETH (~$25). Each contains a variation of the Radiant Blade with the following rarities and probabilities:

  • Common (47.00%)
  • Uncommon (28.00%)
  • Rare (15.35%)
  • Ultra Rare (8.25%)
  • Legendary (1.40%)

As we previously reported, owning the Radiant Blade allows users to activate the neon undercarriage glow for the special cars in the Battle Racers’ season 1 fleet: Binance SafuBolt, Vista Cartel and Guerilla Cyber.

The ‘Guerilla Cyber’ with neon underglow (Battle Racers)

In Light Trail Rush, the Radiant Blade will integrate with another Neon District-themed NFT, the Goliath. With the Radiant Blade enabled, the Goliath will emit a special hologram from above the ship’s cockpit.

NFT in Light Trail Rush
The Neon District-themed ‘Goliath’ (Light Trail Rush)

Additionally, a Battle Racers-themed skin is now available for the Firebird, another of the ships in Light Trail Rush.

Neon District notes that the Radiant Blade crate sale will run until 10 Legendary swords have been given out, adding that they estimate around 350 to 1,400 blades will be sold in total.

You can pick up a Radiant Blade here. Users interested in beta testing Light Trail Rush can sign up for a Steam key here.

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