Neon District’s Season One Public Loadout Goes Live Saturday

Neon District’s Season One Loadout (

Blockade Games’ upcoming blockchain RPG Neon District is launching its much-anticipated public Loadout sale on Saturday, where gamers can purchase and equip various in-game units and items.

Over the next six weeks, Neon District will be releasing the various phases of the public Season One Loadout, featuring items from different entities within the game. Each week’s gear release will be accompanied by a short story to give gamers more background on the upcoming season.

Season One Loadout details (Neon District)

The first week of the Loadout features weapons and armor from the Syndicates and The Quarter, two in-game corporations. Week 2 will include the previous week’s gear as well as gear from the Ceres and Yume corporations, while weeks 3 and 4 will add gear from Zeno and Factor, respectively.

Additionally, the Founders Progam begins Saturday, giving Founders Keyholders access to Neon District to provide final feedback on the current build (learn more).

As described by Blockade Games, “Neon District: Season One features a full single-player campaign filled with crime syndicates, oracles, cogs, genetic mods, winding plots, and a morally-questionable cast of characters. Play through scores of missions and complete contracts to survive, and you’ll find yourself falling deeper into the dark, seedy reality underlying the powers-that-be within Unity.”

You can add Neon District to your Steam Wishlist here.
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