NEO Global Capital Invests $1 Million in Moonlight, a Smart Economy Workforce Platform


NEO Global Capital, the investment arm of the NEO Foundation, has invested $1 million into a startup called Moonlight, which is building on the NEO blockchain. Moonlight announced the investment Tuesday at the NEO meet up in Vienna, according to NEO News Today.

The Moonlight platform intends to make it easier for companies and organizations to find and recruit talented employees by combining a number of workforce recruitment features on the blockchain. Namely, the decentralized platform has a matchmaking algorithm built into smart contracts to provide organizations with hiring recommendations based on skill sets.


Over time, the platform will naturally develop a multidimensional and verifiable record of work experience for all of its users, enhancing Moonlight’s recruiting capabilities. This immutable ledger serves to distinguish Moonlight from existing platforms such as UpWork, Freelancer and LinkedIn.

Project co-founders Alan Fong and Tyler Adams are no strangers to the NEO blockchain, authoring the NEP-5 token standard, which is adopted by all projects issuing tokens on NEO, and co-founding the City of Zion, the home of the NEO open-source community.

NEO Global Capital supports a number of other projects in an effort to enhance the NEO blockchain environment, including Ziliqa (ZIL), Trinity (TNC), Ruffchain (RUFF), Ontology (ONT), Switcheo (SWH) and Bluezelle (BLZ).

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