Nebulas (NAS) Launches On-Chain Incentives to Attract Dapp Developers


Nebulas (NAS), a blockchain platform that leverages a custom incentive system using its Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP) and proof of devotion (PoD) algorithms for faster consensus, has announced the launch of its NOVA Testnet Developer Incentive Program to attract dapp developers.

According to the announcement, Nebulas has become the first public blockchain with an on-chain incentive protocol. As part of this system, the more popular and active an application becomes, the more NAS that the developers will automatically receive.

Through the new program, developers now have the opportunity to test and run their dapps to prepare for the NOVA mainnet DIP launch.

“From today (January 21) till March 31, 2019, developers who deploy smart contracts on the Nebulas NOVA testnet, and have test users (or conduct various types of transaction tests) will receive on-chain native rewards through Developer Incentive Protocol (DIP),” states the Nebulas team.

The announcement states that the starting block height is 1,562,800, and Nebulas plans to give out roughly 2,500 mainnet NAS coins that will be received from converted testnet token rewards.

NAS is currently up 2% on the day to $0.563333, giving the project a $25.6 million market cap and making it the 92nd largest coin in the AltDex 100 Index (ALT100), a benchmark index for large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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