Mythical Games Launches Closed Alpha for New EOS Digital Asset Standard

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Mythical Games, a Los Angeles-based game studio that recently exited stealth mode, has announced the launch of the closed alpha for dGoods, a new industry-wide initiative to help formalize the handling of digital items on the EOS (EOS) blockchain.

According to a press release, Mythical Games, Scatter, and EOS Lynx are among the core collaborating teams behind the dGoods standard, with additional participation from Token Pocket, Cypherglass, pixEOS (the maker of pixEOS Paint),, Math Wallet, Infiniverse, Greymass,, ITAM Games and NOVA Wallet.

Teams collaborating on dGoods (

The goal of the closed alpha, according to the Mythical Games team, is to allow these development teams to get hands-on experience with the dGoods code and provide the necessary feedback to prepare the standard for public release.

“With the release of our smart contract closed Alpha, we are excited to get the code into the hands of the development community,” said Rudy Koch, Mythical Games’ head of blockchain. “This initial release will only be shared within our core dGoods development teams. It’s an opportunity for us to continue to pressure test dGoods and ensure it achieves our goals. The closed Alpha represents a critical step in our roadmap towards maturing the implementation and taking dGoods to mass market.”

As we previously detailed, applications for these assets span multiple industries but most readily translate to the burgeoning blockchain gaming industry where in-game items can be represented by tokens.

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