The 15 Most Popular Cryptocurrency News Sites and Blogs


The internet is full of upstart cryptocurrency-related websites all striving to establish their place in the burgeoning field. As the number of crypto news sites and blogs grows, the decision of what to read becomes more complicated and frustrating — especially as writers and editors work to set their similarly-named websites apart from the crowd.

Unfortunately, Alexa doesn’t have a handy sub-category list for crypto news sites, although they do have a ‘Cryptocurrency‘ sub-category that includes all of the leading crypto-related websites. Ride Forex’s ultimate top 50 list¬†of sites was similarly unhelpful and outdated, and few others listed anything past the five major sites, Bitcointalk and Reddit (neither of which are news sites, for the record).

With that in mind, I decided to compile the 15 ‘most popular’ cryptocurrency blogs and news sites based on each site’s global rank from¬†Alexa¬†and SimilarWeb. Without accurate information on unique visitors or page views, website¬†rank provided the¬†most accurate representation of popularity.¬†Finally, the overall rank of each website is based on the average of the two global ranks.

Top 15 Crypto News Sites & Blogs

1. Coindesk

Founded in May 2013 by Shakil Khan, Coindesk gets around 20 million monthly views. The “leader in blockchain news” was acquired by Digital Currency Group in January 2016.

2. Cointelegraph

Founded in October 2013, London-based Cointelegraph is an independent publication that receives around 15 million monthly views and offers news in several different languages.

3. CCN

Founded in 2013 as, CCN is based in Oslo, Norway and is owned by PF Wetting. The site gets around 12 million monthly page views.

4. News

The all-in-one bitcoin portal is headquartered in Tokyo and was relaunched by Roger Ver in June 2015. has a popular news section that gets over 7 million views a month.

5. Bitcoinist

Founded in 2014 by COO Mate Tokay, Bitcoinist is an independent source of news, interviews, events, ICOs and more with over 2 million monthly views.

6. NewsBTC

Founded in October 2013, NewsBTC was acquired by The Bitcoin Co-op in 2015. The site includes an impressive amount of educational material along with useful lists of upcoming ICOs and events.

7. The Merkle

Founded in June 2014, the Merkle has a very efficient team that has propelled them all the way up to number 7, with over 2 million monthly views.

8. Hacked

CCN’s sister site,¬†Hacked, requires a subscription but provides more in-depth analysis and coverage than most crypto news sites.

9. Bitcoin Magazine

The “original source of information, news and commentary about Bitcoin,” Bitcoin Magazine was founded in 2012 by¬†Vitalik Buterin¬†and Mihai Alisie. It’s currently owned by BTC Media¬†and gets about a million monthly views online.

10. CryptoSlate

CryptoSlate was founded in 2017 by Nate Whitehill and Matthew Blancarte and is based in Seattle. The site has a useful database of real-time crypto prices, ICOs and events to go along with its news section.

11. ETHNews

ETHNews is a non-monetizing media site dedicated to Ethereum coverage. Owned by¬†Berns Inc., ETHNews aims for objectivity and doesn’t publish any paid or promoted content.

12. Invest in Blockchain

Founded in September 2017 by Daniel Bainbridge and Michael Henman, Invest in Blockchain is a rapidly growing blockchain news site with hundreds of thousands of monthly views.

13. SludgeFeed

Founded in 2017 by Craig Russo and Tom Stankewicz, SludgeFeed provides in-depth project breakdowns, breaking news, opinions and reviews.

14. CoinSpeaker

Founded in 2014, CoinSpeaker is a popular news source with some interesting features like a crypto glossary and an ICO calendar.

15. Altcoin Today

Based in Portland, Oregon, Altcoin Today is a prolific news source that often references the lower numbers on this list.

Here’s the full list of 24 news sites and blogs that I looked at to reach the top 15. It has some familiar names like Coingeek that have wained in popularity and some smaller blogs that are growing quickly. If you think your site should be on this list, you’d like to correct some info about a website in the list, or you’re interested in submitting your site’s RSS feed to our crypto newswire, send us an email or message us.

Crypto News Sites – Full List

CoinIdol, CryptoNinjas, Bitcoin Chaser, Store of Value Blog, The Bitcoin News, Coindoo, CoinGeek, Coinpedia, UK Bitcoin Blog
Update (These sites will be added to the next list): Bitsonline, Crypto Insider, Cryptovest, AMB Crypto, BTC Manager, CoinJournal, Ethereum World News, CryptoDaily, Coin Insider, Coinmonks, Crypto Briefing, The Daily Hodl, Use the Bitcoin
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Disclaimer: Global rank data is current as of 4/17/2018 via Alexa and SimilarWeb. All page view or user data provided is an estimate and is based on the best available data from SimilarWeb.

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