Microsoft Rumored to Be Acquiring GitHub

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Recent reports out of Redmond this weekend suggest Microsoft (MSFT) is set to acquire the popular coding website GitHub, which was last valued at last valued at $2 billion in 2015. While still a rumor, a report by Bloomberg that cites individuals familiar with the matter indicates that the deal could be announced as early as Monday morning.

The story initially broke last week when discussions between the two parties reportedly became serious after years of on-and-off conversations. This acquisition would bring about 27 million software developers to Microsoft, though not all of them are excited by the potential purchase. The deal would be quite favorable for Microsoft, as the software giant has been actively seeking developers.

GitHub has expressed admiration toward Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella in the past for pursuing coding initiatives since his arrival in 2014. During last year’s Build keynote, Nadella told the crowd that developers possess the opportunity to have a broad impact on society that has never been greater. He went on to specify that the opportunity arises with enormous responsibility attached.

GitHub has been struggling to replace Chris Wanstrath since he stepped down from his role as CEO nearly a year ago. Earlier this year, GitHub was also the target of the largest DDoS attack on record but managed to come back online after about 10 minutes.

Microsoft’s Corporate VP of Communications, Frank Shaw, has responded to the rumors by noting that they do not comment on this sort of speculation. GitHub has not commented on any details regarding the planned deal.

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Photo: Jason Walsh / Flickr
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