Upcoming Strategy MMO ‘Metaboss’ Will Feature NFTs From Other Games

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Blockade Games, the developer behind the upcoming blockchain-based cyberpunk RPG Neon District, has teamed up with Altitude Games and Claymatic Games to create Metaboss, a new strategy MMO that provides a unique twist on non-fungible token (NFT) utility.

According to a press release shared with us, Metaboss will be a strategy game fueled by collaborative storytelling, where players participate in a 12-week story that provides unique incentives to NFT holders.

Each week will feature a new challenge where players must use the NFTs in their wallets to attempt to destroy “giant, rampaging kaiju monsters built from kitties, racecars and virtual lands.” As you might expect, these monsters are a byproduct of the NFTs found in the participating players’ wallets.

At the end of each week’s campaign, the winners will split a pool of the staked items. While more information is set to be released in the coming weeks, the announcement notes that winners will be determined by the aggregate performance of all of the NFTs in their team’s respective wallets. This means, the better the NFTs you hold, the more competitive you and your team will be each week.

“I’ve been interested in creating game experiences that are uniquely enabled by blockchain, and the concept of Metaboss fit that bill,” said Altitude Games COE Gabby Dizon. “We’re excited to develop these meta play experiences with different teams in the blockchain and NFT space.”

This new collaborative item-combining initiative is designed to help further the NFT community while providing an alternative to the current options found within play-to-earn gaming.

Metaboss is being built to benefit and be enjoyed by the whole ecosystem of players and developers (in the NFT space),” added Alex Amsel, the co-founder of Claymatic.

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