Meltem Demirors Shares the Only ‘Crypto’ Review You’ll Need

‘Crypto’ / Yale Productions

The world of cryptocurrencies has finally been adapted to the big screen with the new John Stalberg Jr. film, Crypto, starring Kurt Russell, Alexis Bledel (Gilmore Girls) and third-string Hemsworth brother Luke (Westworld)

The plot centers around a young Wall Street banker connecting a small-town art gallery to a global conspiracy, putting his potato farming family in danger. The film follows a young agent named Martin (Beau Knapp), who is tasked with unweaving the complexities of cryptocurrencies as he attempts to follow a trail of corruption and theft.

Since its release on April 12, Crypto has received mostly negative reviews, receiving a composite rating of 5.0/10 on IMDb and no rating at all on Rotten Tomatoes. According to the top user review on IMDb, “There’s little [about the] story that actually makes any sense amongst a ton of buzz words no one will understand.”

However, perhaps the best review to date has come from CoinShares CSO Meltem Demirors in a recent Twitter thread.

Clearly, Crypto was a rough first-attempt at introducing the young industry to the broader world. Personally, I prefer the “Initial Coin Offering” episode of Silicon Valley, where the main characters toil with the idea of launching their own cryptocurrency and at least get most of the details correct.

‘Crypto’ / Yale Productions

That being said, I can also see how scenes like the one pictured above showing a simple dashboard similar to Coinbase could help demystify the process of purchasing and storing cryptocurrency.

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