Meet the Knock-off Mobile Trivia Shows Vying for HQ’s Players


HQ Trivia, the popular live mobile game show owned by Intermedia Labs, stalls productivity across the U.S. every day for 15 minutes at 3 pm and 9 pm eastern time. Viewers tune in to try their hand at answering 12 progressively harder questions to compete against each other for a prize ranging from $2,000 to $12,000 – often split between a large group of winners.

HQ was created by the founders of Vine, who sold their platform to Twitter in 2012 for a cool $30 million. The relatively new mobile game show has only been dominating live trivia since August 2017. And, despite some minor controversies and technical hiccups, it’s established itself as the pacesetter of live mobile trivia, inspiring a variety of imitators.

The number two

The Q: Founded by Will Jamieson, the CEO of Stream Live (and former developer of Yik Yak), “The Question” can best be described as bland. Like HQ Trivia, a host rattles off witty banter while 10 questions are asked in rapid succession. The graphics and sound mixing are not top-notch, and host Joseph Monahan is missing the entertaining insanity that HQ host Scott Rogowsky brings to the table.

Despite these shortcomings, The Q has stated that it will have different play modes available soon, and payouts can be made in Bitcoin or Paypal. That’s a win in our book.  

The Verge

Others vying for a spot

Cash Show: This mobile trivia app follows the same format as HQ, with players vying for a large pool of cash. Cash Show runs with a pre-recorded host, described across the internet as a “tool” and “knock-off Scott Rogowsky.” Apart from the host, this game is a good option for players looking for better odds at winning the cash prize.

Joyride: A live trivia show that requires users to use video chat to play. Most users are immediately thrown off by the fact that you have to set up your camera and microphone to participate. One reviewer writes, “It’s just so dumb. Let us be private and secret! We don’t want to reveal our identity!”

G.O.A.T.: A daily trivia game that asks a series of questions about sports news from the day. Unlike HQ, it doesn’t feature a live host, and users have an hour-long window to get their answers in.

Show Time: Billed as “HQ Trivia for India,” the market-specific game invites users to join in “as our host takes you through the show filled with Bollywood, cricket and other India-related trivia.” Show Time has used popular Indian Youtubers as hosts, and attracts around a thousand players each night, though they don’t have an app available on iOS yet.  

Genius: Genius is another close HQ imitator. Genius quizzes happen fairly infrequently (as of this article, the next quiz is scheduled 11 days from now) and feature only five questions.

Givling: Givling is a crowdfunded, high-speed trivia game that pays off student loans and pays out cash incentives to funders. Despite some occasional question typos causing distress for players, reviews for Givling are generally positive.

Some might stay satisfied with HQ forever (or for as long as live trivia is the hot trend). But if you’re a trivia whiz looking to minimize competition, maximize your winnings, or want to give Rogowsky a break from the show so he can finally start dating, these new games might be worth a try.

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