Here’s Why Mark Cuban Says He Won’t Buy an Esports Team

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Earlier this week, Quartz published an article titled, “Esports players are burning out in their 20s,” detailing how gaming professionals are calling it quits early after spending endless 80-hour weeks perfecting their craft.

The article circulated through the internet until it eventually landed in front of billionaire businessman and investor, Mark Cuban, who took to Twitter to share his thoughts on the current state of the esports industry.

Cuban views the constant changes to units and gameplay via updates as the core issue associated with burnout, as pros are in a constant state of learning and stressing over changes to their craft. Ultimately, this is a leading factor in Cuban avoiding purchasing his own esports organization, as unpredictable game updates make building a dynasty exceptionally difficult.

In response to Cuban’s tweet, Overwatch League Commissioner Nate Nanzer said, “Working 8-10 hours a day doesn’t seem out of the ordinary to be the best in the world at literally anything, does it Mark? teams have amazing support infrastructures to help their players manage those schedules and be at their best on game day. It’s not really any different than basketball. You should come check it out.”

This response clearly piqued Cuban’s interest, as he followed up with an additional series of questions.

Joining the conversation, VPEsport’s Kevin Hitt added that OWL is perhaps the most organized in terms of team structure and player health, which again, Cuban questioned.

Whether Cuban’s opinion will change as the esports industry continues to mature will be a point of interest moving forward, as his entrance would bring further legitimacy and money to the field.

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Photo: Brian Solis / Flickr
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