The Maori Begin at Sea in Civilization 6: Gathering Storm

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Civilization VI: Gathering Storm, the second expansion to Civ 6, is set to bring a number of new gameplay dynamics, in addition to 9 new leaders and 8 new civilizations.

Confirming our previous¬†speculation, the first civilization to be revealed is the¬†MńĀori,¬†the seafaring indigenous Polynesian people of New Zealand.

Led by Kupe, the initial Maori units begin on an Ocean tile and receive Science and Culture each turn prior to settling. When the first city is settled, the civilization receives an extra builder and additional population. The palace also receives added housing and amenities.

The Maori’s unique ability, called “Mana,” grants the Maori the Sailing and Shipbuilding technologies at the start of the game, in addition to additional movement and combat strength for embarked units.

The seafaring civ also has its own unique melee unit, the Toa, which weakens adjacent foes and has the ability to build fortifications on hill tiles.

Finally, the civ’s unique building, the Marae, replaces the amphitheater¬†and provides Culture and Faith to all tiles in the city with a passable feature, such as floodplains (as if the Maori didn’t have enough bonuses). Oh, and the building automatically grants Tourism after Flight is unlocked.

Gathering Storm is set to release on February 14 on Windows. The new expansion will feature a number of new and previous fan-favorite game elements, including new advanced technologies, engineering projects, the World Congress.

Notably,¬†Gathering Storm¬†will be the first in the franchise to introduce a living world ecosystem that “showcases natural events that could enrich or challenge your growing empire.”

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