Loom Network Releases Its Software Development Kit Public Beta

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Loom Network (LOOM), a blockchain ecosystem for games and social apps, has announced the official public beta for its software development kit (SDK).

In the announcement, the Loom team highlights the number of tools now at the disposal of developers looking to build on their network. These tools, including a number of examples DApps to learn from, are designed to enable a more wide-scale adoption from developers of all skill levels.

After following the installation instructions for getting set up, you can begin using our Unity SDK or Cocos SDK to build a DAppChain game, learn how to communicate with a DAppChain from your Go and Node.js apps, or learn to deploy and run Solidity contracts on a DAppChain using Truffle & Web3. (Among other things).

The SDK also comes packaged with multiple example DApps you can simply download and run out of the box: A Unity-based side-scrolling adventure game, a social network, and 2 examples for using Phaser and WebSockets for browser-based games.

Also highlighted in the announcement were updates to the project’s 2018 roadmap and clarifications regarding the usage of utility tokens across the network, which has steadily expanded since launching in March. In the coming months, the Loom team anticipates releasing a number of updates to the project’s SDK, network and shared sidechains.

Prior to the public beta, Loom has invited select projects to build on its network. Last month, Loom Network announced the addition of the second project built with the platform’s SDK: Neon District, a hybrid card-based futuristic MMORPG. The first game built using the Loom Network SDK is Pixie Shopping Street, a user-generated content platform partnered with Pixie Wardrobe, a game with over 3 million registered users in China and Korea.

Loom Network has quietly grown its user base. The project states that over 207,000 developers who have used their course CryptoZombies.io to learn to build Ethereum DApps, and it is fair to assume that a percentage of these developers will look to leverage the newly public SDK.

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Loom Network (LOOM) is a platform as a service built on top of the Ethereum blockchain, enabling developers to create and run large-scale decentralized applications (DApps). Loom Network leverages a system of sidechains that allows each DApp to run on its own blockchain, working to reduce the network load facing these applications to further promote speed and scalability. What’s more, developers can use Loom Network’s software development kit (SDK) to code DApps in common programming languages. Through its platform, Loom Network aims to build a scalable infrastructure for the creation of blockchain-based games and social applications. (more)

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