Loom Network Announces Latest SDK Project: ‘CryptoWars’


Loom Network (LOOM), a blockchain ecosystem for games and social apps, has announced the latest project to leverage its software development kit (SDK).

CryptoWars, a blockchain-based strategy game that features¬†army battles between villages, will be developed on one of Loom’s¬†highly scalable DPoS sidechains to Ethereum by Experimental.

According to the announcement, CryptoWars lets players build custom villages, form alliances and summon an army to go to war with opposing factions. Given that it’s built with blockchain technology, CryptoWars will feature unique game assets and other scarce elements that can be purchased, sold and traded on the CryptoWars¬†marketplace.

CryptoWars is not your traditional strategy game. Unlike, say, Civilization or Starcraft, which feature various levels of live-action, CryptoWars does not feature any in-game action. Instead, battles are played out via a complex algorithm that accounts for multiple factors, including the composite defense and attack scores of the respective players.

CryptoWars Marketplace

However, some elements should be very familiar to RTS and TBS gamers, as CryptoWars uses three different resources for game advancement: Gold, Crystal and Quantum Dust. These can be obtained through mining, trading or raiding.

Each new player also starts out with a¬†village and a single building called The City Center and must build up new buildings, like a barracks, as they gain resources. Players gain points based on each resource they spend¬†on construction, building an army, research or defense. These points ultimately feed into a player’s rank.

The game also features a clan system called “Alliances,” which allows friends to team up in coordinated attacks and defense. Alliance creators can even charge a fee for creating and managing their group, creating yet another internal economy within the game. The economy is built around an ERC-20 token, e11, which functions across all of Experimental’s games.

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This is the fifth game to leverage the Loom SDK, which features a Delegated Proof of Stake (DPoS) system that allows for zero-cost transactions on all non-critical activity stored on the DAppChains, the Ethereum sidechains. This allows for a scalable system that meets the demands of gaming applications.

“Loom Network solves many of the pain points blockchain gaming companies have today.
We are in the STONE AGE for Blockchain Gaming ‚ÄĒ and Loom Network has just invented FIRE,” said the Experimental team in the announcement.

LOOM currently has a $72.6 million market cap, making it the 79th largest coin in the AltDex 100 Index (ALT100), a benchmark index for large-cap cryptocurrencies and tokens.

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