Japanese Messaging Giant LINE Unveils 5 Decentralized Applications

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LINE (LN), a Japanese messaging, unveiled plans this week for five new decentralized applications (dApps) and a Japan-only altcoin.

In the announcement, Line states that the new dApps will focus on a number of different categories, including product reviews, food and locations and prediction platforms.

The dApps are built on the¬†LINK blockchain, which is designed to interact with LINE’s established messaging platform and had its genesis block mined on August 23. The company plans to support third-party developers to build out the network’s dApp¬†ecosystem.

In addition to the dApps, LINE has revealed that its main coin “LINK” will not be available to the American or Japanese markets. Instead, LINE has launched a separate coin, called “LINK Point,” which will be made exclusive to residents of Japan.

Unlike LINK, LINK Point will not be available¬†for trading on the BITBOX exchange, due to ongoing regulatory issues between LINE and Japan’s¬†financial watchdog, the Financial Services Agency (FSA). Link Points will instead be issued as an incentive on the new LINE dApps¬†and can be converted into “LINE Points” for use in purchasing services across LINE’s various services.

These updates come several weeks after LINE launched a $10 million venture capital fund directed at blockchain startups and also listed TRON (TRX) on BITBOX.

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