Kred Partners With OpenSea to Conduct Its Ethereum-Based Domain Auction

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OpenSea, the leading digital marketplace for crypto collectibles, has teamed up with Kred to conduct an Ethereum Name Service (ENS) auction for “.Kred” domains.

According to the recent announcement, the premium Kred domain auction is set to begin on March 20. Following the auction, general Kred domains will be available to the public starting on April 20.

Kred domains support both wallet and web addresses and are ENS and DNS registered, allowing owners to link a wallet or host a website. Additionally, each domain is an ERC-721 token, so domains can be transferred or easily resold.

The first owner of a .Kred domain will receive a 3% royalty payment each time the Kred Domain Token is resold. The list of domain names available in the premium auction will be released on February 20.

OpenSea previously facilitated the .eth ENS auction, which featured 3-6 character ENS names. This resulted in 50,355 total bids for 7,670 names with 5,698.97 ETH (~$944k) in winning bids.

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