Koala Studio Launches Gaming Platform Built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network

Koala Studio dashboard (Medium)

Koala Studio, a new online gaming platform built on Bitcoin’s Lightning Network, launched this week with the release of its take on the classic game of chess: Lightning Chess.

According to the announcement, Lightning Chess is accessible through a key-generated account that doesn’t require an email. From there, players will be able to enter into the chess matchboard and fund their accounts with Satoshis, after which¬†they can invite their friends via a provided URL.

While Lightning Chess is a basic implementation, it marks a huge stride forward for Bitcoin-based gaming and Koala Studio plans to expand on its initial release with its very own SDK and more titles.

“We believe that the Bitcoin Lightning Network drastically reduces barriers of entry for gamers and game developers looking for a permissionless payment network that supports instant, low-cost micro-transactions,” states the Koala Studio team.

This news comes the same week that the Lightning Network gained mainstream attention when Jack Dorsey, the CEO of Twitter,  participated in the ongoing Lightning Network Trust Chain, a community-driven initiative started by hodlonaut to build awareness around the Lightning Network and help expand its capacity.

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