KittyPlays’ Live Monthly Variety Show Premiered Yesterday

via KittyPlays / Twitter

KittyPlays, a leading female esports streamer with more than 1 million Twitch followers, has officially launched a new variety show, Playtime with KittyPlays, in partnership with Allied Esports.

The first episode of the monthly show took place on March 24 at the HyperX Esports Arena inside the Luxor Hotel and Casino in front of a live audience with headline guests Ali “Myth” Kabbani, Pokimane and Baker Mayfield.

According to the new show’s event details, PlayTime with KittyPlays features “conversations with top influencers and celebrity guests live on-stage; competitive gameplay across a range of titles and genres; community interaction and participation; and unique commentary on current news and esports issues.”

The event series is co-produced by CBS Interactive. The show brought in GameSpot as a sponsor of the pilot episode.

“We’re excited to expand on a growing relationship between Allied Esports and GameSpot, two companies dedicated to delivering exceptional original content to gamers around the world,” said Allied Esports CMO Simon Temperley in the press release. “PlayTime with KittyPlays is a first-of-its-kind esports entertainment show and having an influential brand like GameSpot involved in its debut is a testament to the quality of the program.”

PlayTime with KittyPlays is the third esports event collaboration between Allied Esports and GameSpot and the first at HyperX Esports Arena.

You can follow KittyPlays on Twitter, Twitch and Instagram.

Watch: Playtime with KittyPlays Episode 1
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