Jack Black Launches a YouTube Gaming Channel to Take on Ninja and PewDiePie

via Jablinski Games / YouTube

Jack Black, the popular actor, comedian and musician, is looking to add one more credential to storied career: YouTube video game streamer.

In a recent video, Black unveiled the launch of Jablinksi Games, a new channel dedicated to gaming, food and life. Black has co-created the series alongside his son, Samuel Black, who will shoot, direct and edit the content.

In true Jack Black fashion, the comedian claims that Jablinksi will be bigger and more popular than the channels associated with gaming sensations Ninja and PewDiePie.

As we previously reported,¬†Ninja’s following just reached a major milestone as his¬†YouTube channel¬†officially surpassed 20 million subscribers. Meanwhile, PewDiePie currently has a whopping 78.5 million subscribers on his channel.

Since publishing his first video 6 days ago, Jack Black’s channel has gained over 1 million subscribers — that’s 35,714 subs for every second of content. While he hasn’t published any additional videos yet, he notes that new content will be released every Friday.

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