IOTA Foundation Releases Trinity Mobile Wallet App Beta


IOTA (IOT), a public distributed ledger utilizing the Tangle, announced Tuesday that it has launched the beta of its much anticipated Trinity mobile wallet app for both iOS and Android devices.

In a Reddit post accompanying the release, IOTA co-founder David Sønstebø highlights the simplicity of the new wallet’s user interface.

“Now even your crack smoking grandmother can enjoy the benefits of zero fees for her purchases.”

“On a serious note: this is a great demonstration of the Foundation and the community coming together over the course of months to create, test, iterate and release this amazing piece of software. Congratulations to all parties involved.”

In addition to the mobile app, a desktop version of the Trinity wallet is scheduled to be released to the masses ahead of its iPhone counterpart, with hundreds having registered during the test phase.

Trinity’s Journey

The Trinity project was adopted by the IOTA Foundation last January. Originally, Trinity was a community-driven project, but IOTA’s core team has since stepped in to bring an increased focus on safety and security.

With its takeover, the IOTA team set out to make the wallet easy to use, even for the most tech-averse investors. With this in mind, some of the app’s logic was moved to a separate module to allow community reuse for other applications and an alpha test was conducted on over 250 users on iOS and Android.

The IOTA team has subjected Trinity to 2 external reviews, a threat modeling exercise, and a security audit to ensure maximum security for our users. Any threats or bugs that were identified during the two external reviews were investigated and mitigated or patched where required.

Advantages of Trinity Wallet

The Trinity wallet streamlines the seed generation and storage for IOTA addresses, reducing the occurrence of lost coins in addition to giving investors greater security and control over their holdings. The wallet will also fix user issues related to the snapshot feature while providing a more organized ledger for transaction history.

According to the project’s Reddit page, many investors, who had lost their tokens, found them simply by creating an account and using their old key. Finally, sending funds from an old wallet to the Trinity wallet takes just a few minutes.

Final Take

In addition to the Trinity wallet release, IOTA announced last week that the United Nations plans to start a blockchain-based transparency initiative with the project.


Despite the positive news, IOTA’s price didn’t make a major move Wednesday, trading down 4% to $1.57, making it the ninth largest cryptocurrency with a total market cap of $4.37 billion.

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