Halo Infinite May Include RPG Mechanics and an Open World

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Since the first trailer for Halo Infinite dropped at E3 back in June, there has been ongoing speculation that the newest title in the famed series will be set in an open world.

This speculation has been largely fueled by that fact that Halo Infinite is being built with 343 Industries’ proprietary Slipspace engine, which is designed for building games with “living, breathing world ripe for exploration and endless gameplay possibilities.”

Adding to the speculation, recent evidence suggests¬†Halo Infinite could also include RPG mechanics, as discovered from recent job posting for a¬†Senior Systems Designer. In the posting, which was published on Microsoft’s job board, the position is calling for an individual who has “familiarity with RPG and Shooter game mechanics.”

While this is the only mention of role-playing, it clearly indicates that Microsoft and 343 are up to something big behind the scenes. Ultimately, bringing these mechanics into the game could result in more expansive character, weapons and gear customization and progression.

With the success of titles like Destiny 2, the introduction of an open world and RPG mechanics into Halo could help propel the series to new heights.

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