Halo 3 Returns to Esports This Weekend in the UGC Halo Classic

via Bungie / Gamepressure.com

The third installment of the Halo series is set to return to the esports scene this weekend as the Halo Classic presented by UGC kicks-off on Friday.

According to the event’s website, the Halo Classic¬†features 128 teams that will compete in both Halo 3 free-for-all and 4v4 battle modes. The event is taking place in St. Louis and has a prize pool of $35,000.

The competition itself will be double elimination and open bracket, with $30,000 in prizes set to go to winners of the 4v4 games and $5,000 for the FFA champions. Qualifiers for the main tournament ran through December.

“UGC and Halo have a rich history together, housing tournaments for many of the game‚Äôs greats for over a decade. With the resurgence and interest in original Halo movement and gameplay, the Halo Classic will furnish a timeless competitive experience with modern broadcasting expertise,” the UGC team said.

For those unable to attend, the Halo Classic can be streamed directly on Twitch and Mixer.

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