Google Restores Bitcoin Blast to the Play Store

Ben Nuttall / Flickr

Bitcoin Blast, a mobile match-three puzzle game that functions as a Bitcoin (BTC) faucet, has officially been restored to the Play Store after Google removed the app last month.

Bitcoin Blast marketing images on the Google Play Store (Google)

According to previous tweets by Bling, the team behind Bitcoin Blast, Google suspended the app from the store at the end of January without warning, citing concerns over “deceptive behavior.”

Following the removal, which mirrored Google’s crackdown on crypto-adjacent apps and content on both the Google Play Store and YouTube, Bling was able to make enough of a ruckus to get the app reinstated.

Google followed up to the appeal by stating, “We’re happy to inform you that the appeal has been granted. Your app will be available on the Play Store again once you resubmit it.”

Bitcoin Blast has since been re-added to the Google Play Store, which will come as good news for the app’s 1.4 million claimed users.

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Image: Ben Nuttall / Flickr

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