Google Inexplicably Removes Crypto Wallets From Play Store


In the span of one night, Google removed at least three major cryptocurrency wallets from the Play Store without providing immediate reasoning.

CoPay, BitPay and Bitcoin Wallet, which is managed by, stand as the initial wallets removed from the Play Store. Although none of these are mining applications or advertise any such features, CEO Roger Ver blamed Google’s recently changed cryptocurrency mining policy.

“Google told us that it was because they no longer allow cryptocurrency mining apps. I have no idea how they came under the impression that our wallet is a mining app,” said Roger in a Reddit post.

At this time, of the wallets removed, Bitcoin Wallet is the only application that has made it back to the Play Store. A BitPay spokesperson told Hard Fork that their application should return to Play Store “soon,” but did not provide details regarding fixes needed, or the process of reinstatement.

BitPay and CoPay have been installed over 100,000 times each. Bitcoin Wallet currently houses over one million users. Each application supports Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

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