Google Continues Crypto Crackdown With Chrome Browser Mining Extension Ban


Google announced its decision Monday to ban cryptocurrency mining browser extensions from the Chrome Store. The ban, which will be implemented in July, comes shortly after¬†the company’s decision¬†to ban cryptocurrency-related advertisements on their¬†platform.

Google¬†cited concerns from their extension developer community as the leading motivation to ban the highly controversial software.¬†“The key to maintaining a healthy extensions ecosystem is to keep the platform open and flexible,” James Wagner, Google’s extensions platform product manager told Wired. “This empowers our developers to build creative and innovative customizations for Chrome browser users.”

Google had delayed their decision to move forward with the ban, in order to provide ample review time, but ultimately found that¬†90 percent of the mining extensions developers submitted weren’t in compliance with their policies.

“We chose to defer banning extensions with cryptomining scripts until it became clear that the vast majority of mining extensions submitted for review failed to comply with our single purpose policy or were malicious.”

Browser mining made its way to the forefront of mainstream news due to a number of high profile hacking events, with victims including Tesla and the U.K. government. During that same period, the popular online publication Salon began pushing the Monero miner Coinhive as an alternative to advertisements.

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