Blockchain Game Gods Unchained Launches Its Much-Anticipated Marketplace

The main screen of the new marketplace (Gods Unchained)

Gods Unchained, an Ethereum-based collectible trading card game currently being developed by Immutable, has officially launched its marketplace.

According to a recent post, users who have downloaded the game client can now access the marketplace, which offers a range of filtering tools to help find cards. Additionally, the development group created 6 million NFTs on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain in anticipation of the new marketplace.

“Each card pictured represents a ‘stack’ with potentially hundreds of instances underneath. Clicking through will show you all the variants on offer,” states the Immutable team in its marketplace walkthrough. “After you’ve made your selection, you’ll see the individual card attributes and the option to Buy.”

Legendary cards for sale on the marketplace (Gods Unchained)

To purchase cards, users simply need to link to their Ethereum wallet using an extension like Metamask. In addition to buying cards, Gods Unchained also has a trader feature that lets users sell their inventory to other gamers.

Since launching its marketplace, Gods Unchained NFTs have been surging in popularity across secondary markets. Trading of Gods Unchained cards on OpenSea, the leading marketplace for digital collectibles and blockchain gaming items, has seen more than 555 ETH in volume in a matter of hours.

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