Coinbase-Backed Game Gods Unchained Begins Closed Beta Signup


Gods Unchained, a collectible trading card game built on the Ethereum (ETH) blockchain and backed by Coinbase, has announced that registration for its closed beta is now live.

According to the announcement, Gods Unchained is now gradually letting active community members and cardholders into the limited beta.

In order to participate in the beta, gamers will need to have an Apollo account to join the waitlist, download the game and link their Ethereum addresses. From there, they can download the launcher from the Apollo website and install it directly on their computers.

Based on the recently released trailer, Gods Unchained¬†features a sleek game board for PvP competitions and gameplay that is on par with many non-blockchain-based games. The game’s assets, including every creature, spell and weapon, are represented by non-fungible tokens on the Ethereum blockchain.

More: How to register for the closed beta

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