Japanese Internet Giant GMO Announces In-Game Bitcoin Rewards System

via Whisical War

Japan’s internet service giant GMO Internet Inc. has recently announced plans to launch an in-game bitcoin-based reward system in August. Acting as a method to reward players who acquire certain achievements, the CryptoChips application will first be implemented with bitcoin-only support in the GMO-developed real-time battle game Whimsical War.

CryptoChips can be mounted onto the game application to allow players to receive cryptocurrency as remuneration within the game, depending on player rankings, acquired items and achieved missions. The initial distribution of bitcoin will launch in accordance with player rankings in-game.

GMO hopes to mount CryptoChips onto other game applications, as well. In an effort to acquire competitors’ future game titles, they hope to expand their game-list and add a diverse pool of currencies as they continue to grow.

In the press release, GMO highlights how it plans to handle the distribution of bitcoin private keys to the users.

“As for the management and distribution of cryptocurrency, we employ a multi-signature – a service that distributes and saves multiple private keys to access cryptocurrency – developed by the GMO System Consulting, Inc. We keep one of the private keys managing multi-signature address, and verify the user’s or key person’s signature to realize a proper transfer of cryptocurrencies.”

Whimsical War is a free-to-play mobile game available on App Store and Google Play that allows players to participate in three-minute-long battles, where attacking your opponent while subsequently defending your territory is the objective. Co-op is feasible, and joining a guild is encouraged to perform tag battles.

The move marks the latest venture into cryptocurrency for GMO, which also runs a bitcoin mining business.

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