Crypto Exchange Gemini Hires Former NYSE Executive


Gemini, the cryptocurrency exchange founded by the Winklevoss twins, announced last week that it has hired former New York Stock Exchange top technology executive, Robert Cornish, to become the firm’s first chief technology officer.

According to the announcement, Cornish will oversee the deployment of SMARTS Market Surveillance technology and Gemini Auctions, a tool for determining the settlement price for Bitcoin Futures Contracts on the Cboe.

The SMARTS technology comes from a tech deal that Gemini recently closed with Nasdaq in an effort to help the exchange create a fairer marketplace for its users.

In a statement accompanying the announcement, Cameron Winklevoss emphasized the impact Cornish will have on the firm’s platform once he starts at the end of July.

He will ensure that Gemini continues to deliver the best platform experience to our customers as possible and set the standards of excellence for the cryptocurrency industry as a whole.

This is the latest example of the growing Wall Street talent exodus as more and more management and executive-level employees flee to cryptocurrency firms and startups. Just recently, San Francisco-based crypto exchange Kraken announced the hiring of Steve Hunt, the former CTO of Jump Trading, a high-speed trading firm that partially functioned in the bitcoin markets.

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