Fujitsu Will Launch a Blockchain Platform for Retail Customers at Interop Tokyo

Interop Tokyo 2017 (

Fujitsu has announced their intention to utilize blockchain technology within their retail markets, tourist sites and shopping centers.

With the new service, customers will be able to manage and collect digital stamps by scanning QR codes in designated areas within stores in order to redeem benefits and coupons. The data collected through these scans will be recorded on Fujitsu’s hybrid blockchain, which will be linked with user information for analytics purposes.

Retailers who adopt the platform may implement the service to connect with various promotions and events. The service is designed for customer safety, with anyone, familiar with blockchain technology or not, being able to access the platform with ease.

Through the information gathered from transactions, which includes age and gender, Fujitsu’s system will provide customers with information according to shopping activities, promoting sales strategies. The circulation of steps and points may be visualized through the system to account for usage status of coupons.

Fujitsu is no stranger to the blockchain, having worked alongside Japan’s three megabanks to develop a blockchain-based money transfer system to facilitate transactions between bank accounts and retail customers. The company’s blockchain research has quickly accelerated since March 2018, when Fujitsu established a blockchain center in Belgium that promotes innovation within the industry.

The new retail service will debut during the Interop Tokyo 2018 trade fair on June 13.

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