Diar: $4 Billion Currently Staked in PoS Cryptocurrencies


Roughly $4 billion in investor capital is currently locked in proof-of-stake (PoS) networks, according to the latest report by crypto market research firm Diar.

In the report, Diar reveals that over 70 projects currently rely on some type of PoS format, with an average of 40% of the total token supply across the projects delegated or engaged in staking.

Of these projects, EOS (EOS) currently has the most staked with $1.8 billion, followed by Dash (DASH) and the brand new Cosmos (ATOM), which have $431 million and $308 million staked, respectively.

PoS staking yields (Diar)

Yields for these projects range from roughly 30% down to the low single digits per year, with some being boosted by networks of masternodes that often provide users with higher returns for investing in computing resources to help secure the network.

Top PoS coins by market cap (StakingRewards.com)

The $4 billion figure detailed in Diar’s report is likely to increase in 2019 as prices recover and many notable blockchain PoS projects are set to go live later on this year, including Cardano (ADA), IOST, Nebulas (NAS) and Ethereum (ETH).

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