Fortnite’s Epic Games Takes on Steam With New Game Store


Steam’s reign as the king of computer gaming may soon come to an end, as Epic Games, creator of the battle royale sensation Fortnite, recently announced a new game store that boasts a generous 88% revenue share with game developers.

According to the announcement, Epic Games is flipping the script in regards to revenue split and licensing fees and will be charging a flat rate of 12% for all games published on its platform. This is in stark contrast to the 20-30% cut that is currently taken by Steam.

In addition, games that are built using Unreal Engine (UE4) will not accrue the additional 5% royalty fee and will only have to pay the flat 12% rate. This means that the revenue split for a game built on UE4 will be 88% on Epic Games compared to 65% on Steam.

Epic Games

In addition to an improved fee structure, Epic Games is planning a number of incentives to drive game developer adoption. These include a custom newsfeed that allows developers to easily update gamers and access to the 10,000-strong Support-A-Creator streamer program.

Epic Games notes that while the store will initially launch for PC and Mac, the company has plans to open it up more broadly to other gaming consoles and mobile devices throughout 2019. According to the announcement, the store will launch “soon,” and more details about upcoming game releases will be revealed at The Game Awards on December 6.

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