Fight to Fame Mentioned as a Successful Project by the Harvard Blockchain Lab

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LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The Fight to Fame BMS business model has officially been featured in the Harvard Blockchain Lab. According to Harvard’s Blockchain Lab, “Many blockchain ventures have come and gone in the entertainment industry, but there has yet to be one to stabilise its token as the standard across the board.” The write-up further states that, “The scope for potential impact of cryptocurrency on entertainment industries like gaming and television streaming services is nothing short of exciting (to say the least) and it is always thrilling to see companies coming to the call and realising that there are companies who are willing and able to rise to the challenge.

But why is the Fight to Fame BMS business model so attractive for which it has caused Harvard’s Blockchain Lab to pay such attention? World famous cryptocurrency expert, Rain Huan has an idea why. He says “Fight to Fame BMS conducts decentralized events, action star reality shows, movies, online malls with blockchain technology in the countries that support cryptocurrencies around the world, with FF tokens to purchase tickets, exchange derivatives, and bet on players, which truly realizes the application scenario of cryptocurrency. FF tokens achieve circulation and settlement around the world to form a consensus among users, which can better reflect the value of FF token. The value created by the token is an unprecedented breakthrough in the global cryptocurrency industry.” Rain Huan also mentioned, “The successful signing of BMS and TKN, the world ’s largest online cryptocurrency entertainment platform, marked the direct betting and settlement with FF token as the only token along with major coins. I have full confidence in FF token investment.

Furthermore, Dr. Eric Chen, a world-renowned information security technology expert and former technical director of a 10 billion market cap cryptocurrency project, believes that the exclusive use of blockchain 4.0 technology decentralized voting mechanism is the key for BMS occupying the technical commanding heights of the industry, he said, “Fight to Fame provides a strong guarantee in digital security. With the strongest technical strength, and the highest position in the industry, Chain Bank designated FF token to serve as a third-party cryptocurrency wealth management on its platform.


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