Facebook Shuffle: Senior Engineer Becomes Director of Blockchain Engineering

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Facebook (FB) initially revealed last May that its experimental blockchain group would be led by David Marcus, the executive formerly in charge of Facebook’s Messenger group and current Coinbase board director. Marcus followed up with a tweet shortly after the report was released to confirm the big internal reshuffling.

This week, Evan Cheng, formerly the head of Programming Languages & Runtimes, updated his LinkedIn profile to Director of Engineering, Blockchain at Facebook.

Facebook’s position regarding cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies has become increasingly clear over the last few months. In¬†May, it was revealed that Facebook plans to create its own cryptocurrency. While not much is known about the proposed digital currency at this time, reports that cite insiders close to the project share that the company is ‚Äúvery serious about it.‚ÄĚ

Just last week, announced that it has reversed its January decision to ban advertisements related to cryptocurrencies and other digital assets on its platform.

In the¬†announcement, Facebook states that starting on June 26, the company will allow ads that promote “cryptocurrency and related content from pre-approved advertisers,” but still plans on prohibiting initial coin offering (ICO) and binary option ads.

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Photo: Thought Catalog  / Flickr
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